Center Surround 3X™ Digital Surround Decoder for 6.1 playback.


The CS-3X Junior center-surround decoder uses the identical technology used in our professional version used in motion picture theatre around the world to retrieve an extra center-surround channel recorded on most digital surround tracks. The main differences between the pro version and the home version are that the home version does not include the micro processor controlled interface to booth automation. 3-channels of one octave EQ for the surround channels, and the emergency bypass required in commercial theatres. Also the CS-3X Jr. is 1/3 the price of the pro unit.


Professional Cinema Version of CS-3X


The CS-3X Jr. is built to the same rugged, professional standards as our CS-3X. The product is now in stock with a suggested retail price of $299.


The CS-3X Jr. is designed for easy installation in home theatre systems. Two inputs from the digital player surround channels are fed to the product and 4 channels (3 surround outputs plus optional subwoofer output) leave the product. The new center-surround channel is fed to a separate power amplifier and center-surround speaker for the new channel sound. A UL power pack powers the unit.


Output trim adjustments are provided for the 3-channel surround for balancing the sound levels and a subwoofer output level is for the optional subwoofer for your surround channels. Because digital soundtracks have a full frequency range, an additional subwoofer will reproduce bass sounds that are unique to the surround channels and not duplicated on the front (Stage) channels. A summing circuit collects the bass from the 3 surround channels to feed a single non-directional subwoofer system.


CS-3X-Jr. Home Theatre surround decoder


There are two modes of operation. The front panel switch will select the 3X mode or Left/Right “pass trough” for either mono surround (Prologic™) or Left and Right only digital surround with no center-surround channel. The CS-3X Jr. accepts either line level inputs (from the digital player or preamp control center) or speaker level inputs from integrated preamp/amplifier products. A selector switch on the rear of the chassis selects the source input level. The speaker inputs are balanced circuitry and the line level inputs are unbalanced.


In the event you are using an integrated preamp/amplifier product you may not have access to the surround signals directly. The Left and Right surround channels will power the speakers directly, and the CS-3X Jr. will “sample” the surround channels in order to derive the 3rd center-surround channel.


The Center Fill knob on the front panel allows you to set the proper level for the center-surround channel for various recordings and movies.


A unique feature is the built in pink noise generator for surround level calibration of the Left, Right, and EX channels. This pink noise source is also convenient if you plan to add external equalizers for the surround channels.


The CS-3X Jr. is bypassed when the main power is turned off. However, the speaker to line level circuitry is still powered to supply audio to any external power amplifiers.


A scratch proof Lexan front panel (over metal) will assure a fresh look for years.


We believe the biggest advantage of the CS-3X Jr. is the patented Circle Surround™ matrix system that provides superior separation and greater dynamic headroom  than the older consumer matrix that has been popular in home theatre devices for years. Because this matrix is so stable it works more smoothly with “phantom” material found on most action movie digital surround tracks. The CS-3X Jr. is the only product on the market that uses this advanced technology.


Distortion: Less than 0.1% THD at maximum input level of +4dBV (1.6 V rms), 1 kHz input signal Typically less than 0.05% at nominal operating level of -10dBV (316 mV rms), 1kHz input signal Noise: On any channel, Typically better than -70dB S/N ratio with -10dBV input signal reference and gains set for unity. Typically better than -80dBV absolute noise level at unity gain. Dynamic Range: Typically 85dB At nominal operating level of -10 dBV, the headroom is typically 14 dB or better. Subwoofer: Crossover frequencies are 20Hz and 125Hz at -3dB down. Slope is 12dB per octave.



Prologic is a trademark of Dolby Labs Inc, San Francisco, CA.

Circle Surround is a registered trademark of SRS Labs inc. Santa Ana, CA.