Premium AC Duplex Outlets for High-end Components

When you buy high-end components with a quality AC power cord, or when you purchase premium power cords for your components, you may not realize you are plugging your equipment into a cheap AC outlet that can deteriorate the performance of your equipment. The room outlet is the proverbial “weakest link in the chain.”

The SMART AC-1 outlets are hospital grade, heavy industrial duty sockets that provide maximum surface contact with the blades of your premium power cord. Contacts are heavy solid brass, not cheap, thin contacts found in standard home grade duplex outlets. UL and CA listed for maximum safety and minimum fire hazard. 120VAC with 20 ampere capability.

Terminals are clearly labeled Black (Hot) and White (neutral)

SMART AC-1 Premium AC Duplex Outlet

Standard house grade outlets use low grade contacts that can corrode over time building resistance between the power cord plug and outlet. This loss of low impedance contact can cause noise in your audio and video system. Hospital grade outlets use expensive industrial parts that will not corrode. They are mandatory in hospitals where pure oxygen is used. A small spark because of poor electrical contact can cause an explosion. The contacts in the outlet are so strong it takes a “he-man” to push the power cord into the socket, or pull it out. That is a positive, low electrical resistance contact!

Safety approval markings and Hospital Grade label

The AC-1 duplex outlets are a vital component of the SMART GC-120 AC Line Purifier that we manufacture in America. We offer these outlets separately because it does not make sense to plug this premium product into a cheap, light-weight, wall outlet. You may wish to replace ALL the AC outlets in your music room or home theatre. The AC-1 is identical to another product that sells for $49.95.The AC-1 is made by the world famous Hubbell factory. The products are virtually the same, except our product is orange to indicate it is a special outlet.

Electrical link to break duplex into AC  single outlets

With a flat blade screwdriver you may break the electrical link between the two outlets of the AC-1. This allows you to run separate AC lines from your service panel to each of the sockets. One could be used for digital devices like CD players, DVD, some digital audio processors and TVs, etc, and the other for your analog components to reduce digital clock noise in preamps and other high gain analog devices.

A. Approved ground clip for use with metallic outlet boxes.

B. Isolated ground to use when you have an "earth ground" system.

C. Breakable metal link to separate each outlet.

Ground strap and Isoltate ground terminal

ISOLATED GROUND Receptacle. The grounding contact on this device has been purposely insulated from the mounting means to reduce electromagnetic interference. This is important if you have a separate “real earth” conductor for your audio or video system for minimum noise. A mounting strap is provided with an approved grounding clip for use with grounded metallic boxes. For proper use, the mounting strap must be grounded to the electrical service.

Note: Care is important in specifying such a system with the receptacle insulated grounds since the grounding impedance is controlled only by the grounding wires and does not benefit functionally from any parallel grounding paths.

NOTICE: For installation by a qualified electrician in accordance with National and local electrical codes and the following instructions.

CAUTION: RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK. Disconnect power at the service entrance panel (fuse box or circuit breaker panel) before installing. SMART Devices, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damage or harm to an individual due to improper installation of this product.

CAUTION: Use copper conductors only (not aluminum).

Wiring diagram

BACK WIRING: Remove insulation from conductors 17/32 inch (13.5mm). Loosen terminal screws. Insert conductor into terminal hole. Tighten screws.

SIDE WIRING: Remove insulation from conductors 7.8 inch (22.2mm). Loosen terminal screws. Wrap conductor securely around the terminal screw. Tighten terminal screws up to 9-12 pound-inch of torque.

Full Three-year warranty.

Discount price $29.95 for a single unit, or 5 for $24.95 each, plus shipping.

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