Center-Surround 3X, Jr.™ Digital Surround Decoder


The same technology used in our CS-3X professional surround adapter to decode Surround EX™ soundtracks in commercial movie theatres around the world is now available in a special Home Theatre model optimized for HT systems. This universal adapter works with most present digital surround soundtracks and is easy to connect to your other components without having to abandon your processor and purchasing a new model that includes the additional processing.

The CS-3X produces a center surround channel from not only encoded signals but is surprisingly effective in steering "phantom" material to the center surround array. For many years movie producers have been adding this phantom channel into digital surround tracks to fill the hole in the middle, between the surround channels. You can now extract this signal and place it in the center surround system, making the surround sound much fuller and more discrete. That means you can use the CS-3X Jr. with almost any action movie that has full surround sound.

See the article on the Overhead Surround Channel capability here

The CS-3X Jr. employs the patented "Circle Surround™" matrix system that decodes the channels with greater separation, and is not subject to the steering problems associated with the popular older matrix chip used in home equipment.

The unique subwoofer output allows you add a small subwoofer system to your surround channels to reinforce the bass signals on these channels.

In addition to acting as a digital center surround adapter, the CS-3X Jr. is a full Circle Surround 5.1 analog decoder that can replace the present matrix in your system. This is a powerful feature you will find nowhere else.

Customers tell us this product performs better than products that cost much more.

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Power Pack for North America (120VAC 60 Hz.)

Power Pack for European EC countries (240VAC 50 Hz)

Power Pack for U.K. countries.(220VAC 50 Hz.)


Article from BOXOFFICE Magazine regarding the overhead "Envelop" channel:
SONIC BOOM by Annlee Ellingson is from the February 2002 issue of BOXOFFICE Magazine and is reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.


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